Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 23

Yoga- 60 minute fire class

Meal 1- protein shake

Meal 2- 2 eggs/ pineapple

Meal 3- carrots/ hummus

Meal 4- 4 cheese panini w/ avocado and bacon/ sweet potato fries/ 3 coke zeros with bulleit/ frozen rita

seriously need to cut the alcohol out. i know, but there have been so many social things lately. my goal this next week is to see the difference with only one day with drinks. i want to see more results and I am not yet. so frustrated.


  1. I admit, I was wondering how this particular post was going to play out :)
    I really thought I'd be motivated to get back on the wagon this week but so far (Monday) I've skipped 6am yoga and all I can think about is a latte. This is going to be way harder than I thought.

  2. It's definitely the alcohol that gets me. I only drank once this weekend and noticed a difference. Lost a pound this week and I'm not going into Monday up two like I have been lately. No alcohol for me this week or this weekend (I'll be with the Mormon family so that isn't a problem anyway).