Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 16

Work out - 60 minute fire class yoga

Meal 1- Protein shake (pineapple, strawberry, peaches, blueberries, flax, steel cut oat, protein powder)/ vanilla frappuccino

Meal 2- Cane Rosso pizza (all organic) mozzarella with arugula and prosciutto/ dessert vanilla bean marscapone with apples and caramel. Seriously yummy and worth the cheat. 

Meal 3- Baby shower- 4 slices of turkey rollup/ 3 triscuits/ 1T cheddar cheese spread/ 6 small crackers/ grapes/ 1 cupcake (should not of had the cupcake, not worth the cheat)/ 8 oz of punch

Meal 4-  spanish pork stew (pork, butternut squash, tomato, mushrooms)

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