Saturday, December 3, 2011

10 day challenge

I know I have been MIA since September, but I'm back to pick up where I left off.

I have found a bunch of cool different blogs that have focused on clean eating. One of the best that I found lately is 100 days of real food. She makes doing this with kids so much easier! I think I will stick the kids on her meal plans but I'm still going to have to find something else for me. She incorporates a lot of meals with gluten in them, and I'm still struggling with some gluten intolerance. So going gluten free is best for me, but the kids don't seem to have the same sensitivities. What I really love about her site, is that she shows you how to eat well and on a BUDGET. I know eating organically on a budget, who would of thought you can do it. But she goes on a 100 day challenge and sticks to a budget and feeds her family of 4. Read her blog and see how she does it. It's very motivational, especially for those of us on a budget. (isn't that all of us these days?) And she has motivated me to get a bread maker and start making all of the kids bread.

So I think we are going to start a 10 day challenge on eating "real food". I'm going to wait until we get the bread machine in so that we can all do it together.

The other  super cool think I have found in my area is a cool fruit and veggie co-op. Bountiful Baskets gets you a big basket of 50% veggies and 50% fruit from USA or small mexican farmers for a super low price. The average contribution for a basket is $15 for a regular basket or $25 for an organic basket. They also have additional veggie packs, bread, tortillas, and seasonal items for an additional cost. This week we got a regular pack and a mexican theme veggie pack all for around $25 and we got a ton of stuff.

Isn't that so cool! We got some persimmons this week, so I have been researching what we can do with them. This is what I really like about the weekly baskets, you never know what you are going to get, so you get to try new things you wouldn't normally pick out.

My favorite recipe of the week is a cauliflower pizza It really tasted awesome! Now the crust does have cheese in it, so it probably isn't the best but it was gluten free so that was a win for me!

I'll try and keep you updated this week.