Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 14

Wow its been 2 weeks already?

Workout- 6am- 60 min wood class yoga- isometrics and core building.

Meal 1- 8am- Protein shake (Strawberries, mango, banana, flax, steel cut oats, protein powder)/ 2 eggs

Meal 2- 10am- Protein balls

Meal 3- 11am- 1 pulled pork taco on corn tortilla/ 1 pulled beef taco on corn tortilla (both had lettuce, tomatoes, small amount of sauce) I didn't feel too bad about this meal. I know the corn tortillas weren't the best choice but since they were smaller I didn't eat as much as I normally would. :)

snack-2pm- 4 arrowroot cookies ( only 1g of sugar and 20 calories per cookie) but of course as soon as I ate them my stomach hurt.

Meal 4- 3pm- Stew with lean pork, butternut squash, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.

Meal 5- and then I blew it all! 2 margaritas/ nachos/ brownie with ice cream (but damn it was good)

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